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Nov 3, 2017 — TrackFive

Recruiting Talent: How to Attract the Best Employees

With new technologies and emerging fields, businesses face more competition than ever. Besides competing for a place in the market, organizations are forced to compete for job applicants. Organizations must be strategic and creative while recruiting talent. Here are some things you can try as you learn how to attract the best employees to your company.

Know Who to Recruit

While recruiting talent, it’s important to determine what you’re looking for in a future employee. Maybe it’s a particular skill set, shared company values, a good work ethic, or another specialty. More often than not, you’re looking for a mix of these traits, but so are all of the other organizations in the world. Figure out what differentiates your organization from the rest.

How to Attract the Best Employees

Seek Out Applicants

When deciding how to attract the best employees, it’s important to take initiative and do your part in the recruitment process.


Networking plays a critical role in the recruitment process. If you want to recruit the best talent, you need to find out who’s out there. Talk with your professional connections in the industry, make new connections on LinkedIn, and make it known what you’re looking for in an employee. Networking may not provide immediate results, so be sure to allow some extra time for this process.

Set Up An Internship Program

If your organization is experiencing regular growth, consider creating an internship program. Interns can serve as interim employees for your organizations, and they may turn out to be great future job applicants for positions that may open up in the future.

Research Leaders in the Industry

If you’re recruiting talent in a specialized field or with a very specific skillset, the recruitment process may be more laborious. You’ll need to determine where these specialties come from and figure out how to best reach them. Maybe there’s a college in the area whose academic programs revolve around a particular skill set, or maybe there’s an association related to your industry with talented members. Do your research and figure out how to attract the best employees through these funnels.

Help Applicants Find You

To recruit the best talent, you’ll need to make your organization visible and appealing to job candidates.

“Sell” the Best Features of Your Company

As employees sift through hundreds of job postings online, it’s easy for them to get lost in a sea of similarity. Intrigue job applicants with highlights from your organization, so that your company stands out above the rest. Sharing the facts is important, but it’s also important to humanize the posting so that applicants connect with your organization.

…But Be Transparent About the Not-So-Good Ones

Pointing out the best qualities of your organization is important, but exaggerating features of your organization or ignoring tedious but essential responsibilities in your job descriptions is never a good idea. Be honest with candidates about the type of work they’ll be doing and what your organization is like. If you’re deceptive, you’ll hurt your organization’s reputation. Social media and other online platforms, like Glassdoor, make it really easy for employees to expose the truth about your organization.

Focus on Organizational Culture and Employee Satisfaction

If you create a fun, respectful, and enjoyable work environment, job applicants will find you. Here at Track5Media, we continue to develop our company culture, and it definitely shows. Keeping your employees satisfied will help maintain your organization, and the news will travel to job applicants. Share aspects of your organizational culture on social media,

While figuring how to attract the best employees to your organization, you’ll need to find a balance between seeking out candidates and making it easier for job applicants to find you. Recruiting talent can be stressful, but finding the best employees is well worth the effort. If you’re still having trouble finding new employees to meet the needs of your organizations, check out our brands. We can help you build connections and provide you with creative solutions to meet your recruiting needs.

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