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Sep 23, 2014 — TrackFive

Hanging up the Phone: The New Customer Service Tool

One of the most fundamental parts of any company is its ability to provide the most excellent assistance to their customers possible. Everyone knows that a company would absolutely fall apart without keeping your loyal customers loyal. After all, if you lose your customers, you lose your business. But, too frequently the average person these days tires of taking the time to wait on the phone with that god-awful elevator music playing, only to get transferred to another department then wait again and then by the time its all said and done, a whole afternoon is wasted.

The New Customer Service Tool

Ain’t nobody got time for that.

That’s why companies are branching beyond the traditional phone tree method of customer service. Business-owners know that the modern man or woman is too busy to get stuck waiting on someone to help. Honestly, if they can’t get help from your employees with your brand; there’s a similar competitor out there that is just dying to snatch their business out from under you. And because we all know how much we hate to be put on the hold when we have to call the dreaded cable company, we know that the last thing we want is our customers being put through that absolute torture.

And that is precisely why social media is now the best thing for customer service. When we want to drive our company to do better to please our greatest resource, our customers, we need to simply cut the cord on traditional phone service as the only means to assist them. Whether you are there or not, your customers are out there on social media. And, if they have issues, they are going to voicing their concerns all over.  And who knows how many others are going to be influenced by an bitching blogger or a frustrated Facebook-er. The best thing you can do is stay online and be able to see what’s going on with your brand.

A lot of times, people will flock to the internet to start ranting about a business without doing what they did in the old days which was calling a customer service representative to complain. Now, the complainers can reach infinite groups of people in short amounts of time. Its in your company’s best interest to be out there monitoring the good, the bad, and everything in between. There’s probably someone complaining about the very issue you could easily help them with in a few minutes, so its good to go on hunts and interact with your customers on a level they identify with. And, even if they’re out there saying positive things about your business, you should be able to reach and and “re-tweet” a quick thank-you. Social media addicts love any attention and they’ll be surprised and delighted to be mentioned, trust me.

Not only is social media a great tool for sleuthing around for slander about your company, but its a great place to market your image for free while helping those very customers. When a business is able to portray a “real” personality and individuality on social media, it adds a lot of credibility and reliability to your brand. Social media postings and interactions with customers is a way to get closer with your valued customers, especially the ones more likely to post online than to dial an 800 number.

So the next time you feel that customers are losing that connection with your brand, check out the social media. There just may be a million customer service opportunities yet to be seized!

You might not completely want to forgo reliance phone use for helping your customers though. Sure, social media is the new rage in customer care, phones are still a vital tool. Be sure to make sure your employees are properly answering questions and not frequently handing the phone for another team member or putting them on hold for long periods of time.

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