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3 Essential Marketing Skills I Learned at My Internship

Before I landed a position as a digital marketing intern at Track5Media, LLC, I had little to no knowledge of online marketing. I remember freezing up when I was asked, “what do you know about SEO?” during my first interview. I was convinced that I didn’t get the job since I told the manager I had no idea what SEO was. To my surprise, I got the job, and my first day was a month later. Fast forward seven months, and I’m sitting here writing this blog post with tons of useful skills in my marketing toolbox. Looking back, I’ve learned A LOT about digital marketing during my time here. Here are three essential marketing skills that I’ve learned so far!

Essential Marketing Skills I Learned at My Track5Media Internship

Keyword Research

Who knew that there was so much behind the words you type in a Google search box? Having a good keyword in copy and blog posts can really make or break your website’s ranking. These two tools helped me a lot when it came to choosing a keyword for my content:

  • Moz’s Keyword Explorer. Moz’s Explorer is my number one go-to when it comes to keyword research. If you have a keyword in mind, this tool will tell you all sorts of useful statistics for that keyword. For example, it displays the keyword’s monthly┬ávolume, difficulty, and organic CTR. It’s super helpful, but you must be a Moz Pro member to use it.
  • I’ll admit that the strange video of the old man on the front page creeped me out at first. Once I got past that, I learned to love this site! It’s given me a bunch of ideas for blog post topics and keywords. After inputting a single term like “marketing,” the site will display dozens of questions and keywords that people are searching for. Better yet, it’s free.

By researching keywords, I’ve been able to learn so much about our market’s keyword demand and which words/phrases to target with SEO.

Social Media Marketing

I’m a millennial, so of course, I knew a lot about social media before starting this internship. However, in the marketing world, there’s a lot more to social media than making posts and tweets. Here at Track5Media, we focus on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Using these platforms, we’ve been able to generate a lot more traffic to our websites and landing pages. Not only that, but each platform offers analytics and demographics, so we’re able to learn a lot about our audiences. In turn, we can create better-performing content and market it more effectively! Also, including photos, hashtags, and videos in your posts is important! From what I’ve found, people are more likely to look at a social media post with a picture than one that’s just straight text. With social media becoming more and more popular, social media marketing is becoming one of the most essential marketing skills.

Writing for Different Audiences

Up until I started this job, I hadn’t written content for many different audiences. I wrote for myself, for professors, and that’s about it. Now, I write content that’s aimed at nurses, truckers, doctors, and the elderly. It’s a pretty broad spectrum, right? So, the casual voice and verbiage I use for a trucker blog post may not work very well on a blog for physicians. From social media posts to blogs, the content that I write differs depending on who I’m writing it for. I think this is a crucial skill when it comes to content marketing. Content that’s written properly for the target audience will perform better than content that’s not! Now that I know how to effectively write for different audiences, I consider myself a stronger writer and marketer.

All in all, my time at Track5Media has been very valuable and rewarding, to say the least. I’ve learned many essential marketing skills, but these three are among my favorites. I have no doubt that these tools will prepare me for my future careers!

Interested in your own internship at Track5Media? Check out our open positions and apply to join the awesome team!

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