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Jan 8, 2018 — TrackFive

Employee Personality Traits at Track5Media

Have you always wanted to work at Track5Media? Well, you’re not alone. In fact, you might be one of the many potential employees that we interact with on a monthly basis. It’s no surprise that in 2017 we were named one of 5,000 fastest-growing companies in the nation. This is exactly why we’re constantly looking to add new members to our awesome team. However, that doesn’t mean we add just anyone to our team. During our interview process, we look for specific employee personality traits that will mesh well with our team. If you were lucky enough to be researching our company and stumbled across this blog, I’m going to tell you exactly what we look for!

Employee Personality Traits We Look For

Punctuality and Time Management

This goes far beyond showing up to work on time, although that should always be an important aspect when working anywhere. The reason that our company has been able to grow so quickly is that our staff is able to manage time properly and meet our goals. Most of what we do relies on hitting certain deadlines, so it’s important that you’re able to manage time properly. While it rarely happens, this means that you might be working outside of the traditional 9 to 5. When it comes to employee personality traits, it’s important that you can manage time and show up when required.


One of the biggest selling points, when I came to Track5Media, was their willingness to do everything possible to create a great work environment. Our company president Oliver Feakins realized that cultivating the passion of employees would create a better product. If employees are excited to come into work, they’ll be more willing to go that extra mile when it comes to completing the next task or project. While it sounds cliché, we truly are a family here at Track5Media, and it’s our passion for what we do that makes us one of the fastest-growing companies in the U.S.


This goes hand in hand when it comes to employee personality traits that we look for. Nobody wants to work with a Debbie Downer, so it’s important that we’re hiring positive people. Like any business, we’ve had our fair share of setbacks and obstacles to overcome. However, we were able to brush past these hang-ups because we have a staff of positive people. In addition, problems call for solutions and employers desire workers who can recognize problems and assist in suggesting, devising, and executing solutions. The more problems they help solve, the more precious they become to our company. The ideal employee is willing to accept responsibility for all that he does.


We also look for employees that are willing to work together with other team members or even other departments. Our company is successful because we are all able to communicate with each other. According to CareerBuilder, 60% of hiring managers look for team-oriented candidates during the application process. This is why we look for candidates with a history of collaboration, as well as giving and receiving constructive group feedback. The ability to fit in with our company culture is another one of our employee personality traits that we look for. We know that company culture starts on our end, which is why we offer various in-office benefits like a snack bar, company outings, and office massages! Company culture is important to us, which is why we’re constantly showing off on social media what it’s like working here.


This goes hand in with teamwork when it comes to employee personality traits. Flexibility within our company means that you’re willing to pick up the slack from another team member if they need help. It means that if it snows, you might be working from home instead of in the office.

If you’re looking to join our awesome team, check out our “work for us” page today!

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