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Sep 30, 2020 — intern

Connecting with Remote Employees | Our Best Tips

One of my absolute favorite things about my job (pre-pandemic) was coming into the office and working alongside my coworkers. The people at TrackFive are something that drew me to the company from the start- talk about #squadgoals! Coworkers turned into friends who I looked forward to seeing and connecting with. Simply put, my coworkers made work even better. With so many of us still unable to go back into our offices and see our coworkers face to face, how can we keep connecting with remote employees? Here are some of our best tips!

Connecting with Remote Employees

Just check in!

Sure, you can’t swing by your fellow coworkers’ desk and catch up for a few minutes right now, but you can still make an effort! There’s no doubt about it that people stay connected through communication. Just as you would text a friend, don’t forget to reach out to your coworkers and see how they are doing throughout the day. Sending a friendly email is an easy step when you’re wanting to continue connecting with remote employees. Don’t forget to be creative with your questions. Instead of just asking, “How are you?” try asking, “What is something that’s bringing you joy lately?”. I know these types of questions always make me feel like someone genuinely cares. It will help conversation feel more like it would if you were in person, too. Adding a funny meme or photo to a message is also a plus.

Celebrate each other’s victories!

Have you noticed one of your coworkers is really crushing his or her work lately? He or she must be doing an especially great job if you can tell even when you aren’t seeing the work they complete face to face. Don’t forget to send a message of congratulations their way! We have a company chat where we send out virtual “cheers” to those who have really been on their game at TrackFive! Take some time and congratulate a fellow employee for how you’ve seen him or her make a great sale, overcome a difficult conversation with a client, or create a killer new Facebook ad. This is an easy way to send out some recognition for good work . Plus, it creates stronger bonds between coworkers as they cheer each other on, even if it is through digital messages.

Schedule non-work-related meetings

Connecting with remote employees can be extra difficult now because we don’t have the luxury of chatting while we wait for the coffee to brew in the morning before the day begins. The days of organic conversations may be a thing of the past while working remotely, so take the opportunity to be intentional with your coworkers! Suggest hosting a video chat over your lunch hour to catch up with coworkers to chat. Our marketing department did this just the other day so we could spend more time talking and laughing as we used to when we were in the office! You know how you feel after a good old FaceTime with your grandma, right? Like you know her a little better and are more connected. This is exactly how you’ll feel after a video chat with some coworkers! Positive relationships with coworkers have also been found to cause better collaboration and productivity within groups, so be sure to put the time in through a fun virtual hang out.

Host a virtual company event

The possibilities are endless when it comes to planning an exciting event for your company to participate in virtually! Connecting with remote employees can be so much easier when it’s through a scheduled company event. Are your coworkers people who love to compete against one another in good fun? Hosting a virtual game day is a great way to spend time doing something that is not work-related while still having fun. Are there people in your office who love getting in a good sweat? Why not complete an online fitness class together and bond over the pain…I mean joys…of exercise! You know what your company would have the most fun with, so don’t hesitate to plan it. Coworkers will leave with memories, despite the fact that it was done digitally.

Connecting with remote employees is more important than ever in an age where face to face interaction isn’t always safe, but lucky for us, there are plenty of ways we can still do it. Don’t let remote work isolate you from your coworkers-turned-friends. Take initiative and reach out! Connection might look different from the days when we used to catch up in the office, but it can still be just as meaningful through a digital platform. What are some ways you have been connecting with remote employees during this time? Let us know!  

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