biggest mistakes in online marketing
Oct 6, 2017 — TrackFive

The Biggest Mistakes in Online Marketing

It can be difficult to keep up with the rapidly growing online marketing industry. Trying to tackle the latest SEO updates and staying active on all of the new social media platforms is a difficult feat, especially for small marketing teams. Check out the biggest mistakes in online marketing, and make sure they’re not a part of your online marketing strategy.

Biggest Mistakes in Online Marketing: Marketing Plan

Having an Undefined Audience

Sometimes, online marketers focus on the wrong numbers. Although appealing to a larger audience looks good initially, this number represents the very top of the marketing funnel. The number of conversions matters more. To increase the number of conversions, you have to appeal to the right kind of traffic. Clearly defining your target audience will allow you to appeal to their wants and needs. When you’re providing the target audience with the detailed information they’re looking for, they’re much more likely to make it to the bottom of the marketing funnel.

Unproductive Calls to Action

Even if you have amazing content, you work was for nothing if you don’t prompt your user. Don’t settle for a bland call to action. Use language that encourages and entices your user to take the next step. Exciting calls to action that include special offers or have a time-sensitive element are typically more effective. Some changes, like SEO enhancements, could take months for you to see results.

Research & Evaluate

Before you decide to make changes to your marketing plan, research the effectiveness of new methods, and figure out if they could potentially work for your organizations. Measure your efforts for a set period of time, and see if the changes brought you closer to your goals. Be sure to allow enough time to test your methods.

Biggest Mistakes in Online Marketing: Search Engines

Using Outdated SEO practices

Search engines are constantly changing their algorithms. SEO tactics that worked ten, five or even two years ago, may be out of date now. You may still be using SEO strategies that are killing your rankings. Keep up with updates released by the search engines themselves, and search for additional resources so you can stay up to date with the latest SEO changes.

Forgetting about Organic Search

For a period of time, paid search was all the rage. Paid search can give you results fast, but it may not be the best decision for long-term use. Although paid search is a good option under the proper circumstances, you may not have the budget to satisfy the needs of your organization. Discuss the timeline and budget for your marketing campaigns to decide which method right for you.

Biggest Mistakes in Online Marketing: Content

Poor Content Mix

Your content should appeal to the interests of your audience. Mountains of text on your website and social media accounts will scare off users. Be sure to include a mix of photos, videos, and text. Consider getting creative or trying out new content trends, like podcasts. Having a diverse content mix will help you reach a larger percentage of your target audience, and it will keep them intrigued.

Mirrored Content

It can be difficult to create new and exciting content on a regular basis, especially if you have a limited staff helping you. As a result, many online marketers simply mirror the content across their online media. If you’re going to repurpose your content, spend some extra time to make sure you’re still providing high-quality content to your users. Instead of reposting the same blog, consider turning it into a video interview. If you’re producing content about the same topic, look at it from a new perspective.

social media outlets

Biggest Mistakes in Online Marketing: Social Media

Not Engaging with Followers

Most online marketers focus on the engagement rates across their social media accounts, which are extremely valuable to an organization. While analyzing these metrics is important, it’s important not to be engaged as the organization itself. Keep up with comments, mentions, and tags. Engage with your followers when appropriate, and be sure to look out for spam and inappropriate content posted by users. Following these social media tips will help build your brand and make your accounts much more effective.

Ineffective Use of Media Channels

When choosing media channels, think about your audience. Make strategic choices that allow you to reach your target audience most effectively. Don’t fall for the latest social media trend. Just because your daughter loves Snapchat, doesn’t mean members of your target audience do. Do your research and determine which channels are appropriate for your message and your audience.

Think you might be committing some of these internet marketing mistakes? Change to your online marketing strategy. Meet our brands, and let us provide you with creative solutions so you can avoid internet marketing mistakes.

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