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Aug 15, 2014 — TrackFive is LIVE!

Track5Media is happy to announce that has finally officially launched! Despite only rolling out last week, our newest site has already been making some major moves in the commercial trucking industry!

AllTruckJobs is setting an unprecedented standard for the trucking job board niche. In the midst of a major national shortage in drivers, its has never been more urgent that qualified drivers have the easiest access to these open positions STAT! And the industry has never seen a site like this with such a clean layout, simple to use format, comprehensive customer service and real results.

What does our AllTruckJobs mean for truck drivers?

We’ve already been flooded with success-stories from job-seeking CDL holders that have found jobs instantly. The site’s navigation and application is so easy and user-friendly that job-hunting with us is a walk in the park. One site-user,  Randy V. from Tennessee, called us to thank us for him landing a job literally within 30 minutes of him visiting AllTruckJobs! Like, get real…that’s unheard of! The site also the best way for users to filter their career-search needs to only the criteria they desire. Drivers also get to create their own job profile that employers can use to learn about their skills. For the first time ever, commercial drivers can self-promote their talents right on our site. How cool is it job seekers can actually log into personal accounts on our site so they can best manage and execute their career search?

What does AllTruckJobs mean for recruiters?

Trucking companies that use AllTruckJobs only receive the most relevant applications after they get filtered out to only meet their needs. Therefore, they’re only getting the highest quality leads. Time is money, so we don’t want to waste a second in the day of the busy job recruiters with bogus leads, unlike some of the rivaling truck job boards out there. We also will post your jobs to our job board partners and social sites. We also offer premium features like hand-crafted jobs written by our experts to make our valued clients’ jobs outshine the rest! Our account management has our clients’ backs.

Advertising Plans on Include:

  • Performance Reports & Dashboard Access
  • Postings Feed to Job Board Partners & Social Sites
  • Electronic Release Forms
  • Detailed Company Profile
  • Unsurpassed Customer Support

What makes AllTruckJobs different?

AllTruckJobs allows for trucking companies to get “behind the scenes” will login functions that give them the ability. Also, never before has a trucking job site offered such personal customer service to both our clients and the potential job seekers. It’s also hand-down the easiest yet most advanced truck job recruiting app in the industry.

The team at Track5 are super stoked as we continue to watch the wild success of our newest baby. If you haven’t already, check out our site. That’s a big 10-4, over and out.

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