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Jun 10, 2015 — TrackFive

6 Steps Toward Becoming a Sales Guru

Wanna learn how to sell screen doors to a submarine skipper? Then stay tuned and you just might learn a thing or two about professional peddling.

6 Steps Toward Becoming a Sales Guru

1. Use assertive language.

Which of these following phrases is most effective?:

A) Time is running out, buy now or miss out.

B) Could you email me if you decide?

C) Let’s put a date and time on when you will have your final decision.

The answer is C. Assertive phrases trump passive (like B) or aggressive (like A.) Nobody likes the pressure that puts on a person like in scenario A and scenario B leaves too much chance for a competitor to come and outsell you.

2. Optimism.

Rule number 1 in the salesman bible is that you absolutely can’t let one bad sale deter your confidence in other sales. You have to realize that there’s no set structure for making a sale. No one technique works for everyone and you can’t just use the same script over and over expecting to receive results every time. Instead of having a bad sale set you on a negative course the rest of the day, tell yourself that after that, it can only get better.

3. Waiting–then Adapting.

A truly talented salesman has the communication skills of a chameleon, being able to mirror the feelings of their audience. Instead of just starting off their sales pitch spouting words out a mile a minute, an exceptional vendor will wait and listen first. Before even starting the conversation, it’s important to note the behaviors of the person you are selling to. Are they more outgoing and loud or soft and shy? Then morph your style to fit theirs. Don’t begin your conversation just talking about yourself, ease in with some icebreakers that allow you to analyze your target.

 4. Understanding the Needs of Your Customer.

You’re not going to be able to sell anything if you aren’t able to understand what your customer wants. It isn’t until you know what to give your customer than you are able to understand how to get them to commit to anything. Understanding the perspective of your prospect is essential to achieving your own goals.

5. Give them Questions, Not Answers.

When you approach someone, especially when it’s unsolicited, people tend to be wary of anyone they feel is trying to sell them anything. You’ve got to appeal to the masses by making them feel important and is if their needs and behaviors are what intrigues you. The actual act of selling is so naturally unappealing that it’s in your best interest as a salesman or woman to get people to let their guard down.

6. Don’t Put on an Act.

Speak to your prospects as if you’re around the normal people in your life, family, and friends. Of course, you shouldn’t be inappropriate obviously, but having a more average tone will make people feel more at ease and actually trust you. Gimmicky and cliche dialogue is hypnotic and not effective.

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